Use Healthy Markers to Label Moving Boxes

Use Healthy Markers to Label Moving Boxes

Have you ever smelled the fumes from the permanent black marker that you used to label moving boxes with? It can be a very powerful smell particularly when you have several people using markers on multiple moving boxes.

Then when you are mid-way through packing, you notice that you have black ink smudged all over your hands and clothes? The good news is, there is a better way! Moving Box Delivery suggests using non permanent markers, and/or washable markers to label your moving boxes. The reason is, permanent markers are not necessary to use on cardboard moving boxes and they can have toxic ingredients in them that are not healthy for you, your kids, and/or your animals to breathe.

Huge changes occurred in the 90s with permanent markers making them safer and less toxic; namely eliminating the hydrocarbon organic chemicals. Permanent markers today are a lot safer, but still still not as safe as using a non-permanent pen, or washable pens that we would let our kids use.

Permanent pens today give off the same type of compounds as some forms of spray paint. Not terrible, but why expose yourself to these smells while packing boxes if you don’t have to.

The good news is you can effectively label your moving boxes with a less toxic type of pen, AND a marker that you an get out of your clothes or your skin.

Avoid the Garage Moving Mess

Avoid the “garage moving boxes MESS” of having your movers place all of your moving boxes in your garage because you didn’t have moving boxes that were labeled. Unpacking boxes from a garage will take 10 times as long then if they are placed in the correct room! As a tip, be sure you label your moving boxes so your movers know which room to put them in, and never instruct your movers to place all of your moving boxes in your garage.

It will save you so much time on your move if you have your movers place your moving boxes in the room that they will be unpacked in.

Therefore, in order to do this it is essiential to label your moving boxes so the movers know which room to put your moving boxes in.

Otherwise, you will have a PILE of moving boxes to open, and transport to each of the various rooms before you even start unpacking.

Packing moving boxes by Weight-Don’t Overload Your Boxes

When you are packing moving boxes, remember that 1 can may be lightweight, but 100 cans are heavy. Little tiny books can become heavy in moving boxes when there are 50 of them. This is why professional moving boxes have three standard sizes with the most important one being the smallest 1.5 cubic moving box. (Otherwise known as the All Purpose moving box) When packing boxes up with cans, or books and it will not become too heavy to lift and/or risk breaking.

Some of the small items in your home that don’t weigh a lot individually but get heavy with volumn include:

* Packing cans

* Packing books

* Packing photo albums

* Paper

* Phone books