Tips On How To Prepare For A Move

Tips On How To Prepare For A Move

People that plan to move for the first time usually have difficulties on where to begin with organizing and packing their household goods that acquire during all those years. Getting ready for a move is time consuming task, especially if you do it yourself. Below you will find some helpful tips on how to pack and organize your belongings.

If you’re downsizing, the first thing you should do is to go through your old stuff that you will not need in your new home and get rid of them. This step will reduce a number of goods that you will have to transport and it will clean the unwanted clutter. You can ask your friends if they want any of those goods or simply take them to a donation center. This is also a good chance to have a garage sale and make some extra cash.

Then label those items that you dont use often. Separate those items into rooms where they belong such as bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, attic, garage, etc. Then label the boxes by different colors. Of course the color will depend on you as long as you assign one color per room. By doing so, you will make the unpacking in your new home less stressful and avoid complications.

When youre packing fragile items make sure to wrap them individually with packaging paper or bubble wrap. Put the fragile items in small boxes and ensure that the most fragile ones are at the top. Insert crumpled paper in between gaps in the box to avoid from shifting. If you plan hiring a moving company, make sure to mark all fragile boxes so the movers take special care.

Remove clothing and linens from your dresser drawers and cabinets to reduce the weight of those cabinets. Put those clothes in large boxes or plastic bags. Lock your cabinet doors and drawers or put ropes around the cabinets to keep those drawers and doors closed. Make sure to place protective cartons on the corners of your furniture between the surface of your furniture and the rope to avoid scratches from the rope.

When its time to unpack, first start unpacking the essentials that you will need right away such as kitchen items, dining items and etc. The last items that you should unpack are those that you packed first, remember those items are the ones you rarely use and might even end up unpacked in the storage room.

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