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* Gas fee may apply in some cases.

We have a 3 hour minimum for moving services and in accordance with California Law we must charge for “double driving” which we can calculate during the time of your quote. Double driving is calculated as the time it takes to travel form the point of origin to the point of destination doubled. For example, if driving time is 15 minutes from point A to point B the double driving fee will be 30 minutes.

Hourly rates for moving services

Our manager assesses the scope of works, calculates time, number of specialist and packaging materials needed to perform the order. After specifying the list and characteristics of furniture our manager calculates the fee for our services. We announce to you a preliminary fee which is as close as possible to the total fee, and in addition we announce tariff rates for every kind of works and all factors influencing the fee. The total fee is formed after the works are finished based on actual time spent by our specialists.

Fixed moving fees San Diego

It is convenient if you have a lot of furniture and you need to know total fee. After specifying the list and characteristics of the furniture we will announce to you the total fee which will not change notwithstanding any unforeseen circumstances except for cases when during the work there were changes in the volume of furniture to be assembled/disassembled or loading/unloading location. Such form of calculation is convenient if you need to assemble a large amount of furniture, for example, when a company purchases new office furniture, and also for big residential houses and enterprises.
Therefore you can plan your budget beforehand and be sure that you will have no unexpected expenses.