Moving Tips – How to Prepare for Moving Day

Make Your Moving Day a Success with the Following Tips
Who doesn’t dread moving day? It’s a high stress day that will go more smoothly by using the tips below. As an experienced Moving Company in San Diego, we’ve seen it all, and I think you’ll find these tips will help to make the day an easier one for all.
Create a Survival Kit
Think of all the things you’ll need on the day you move and pack them all into one box. Whether you’re moving to another location in San Diego, or moving out of state, this box will help everything to go more smoothly.
At RHINO Moving and Storage in San Diego, we’ve seen it all! The people who are moving, who have packed a survival kit have a much easier day than those who don’t. Pack towels, soap, shampoo, sheets, paper plates, coffee mugs and of course the coffee pot, so you’ll have all the necessities on moving day. Another good idea is to have a separate bag, where you can place all your important papers, in case you need access to them quickly.
Do the same for your children. It helps to make them a part of the moving experience, and they’ll feel more at home with their toys, books, video games, a favorite blanket and Pajamas.
Color Code Your Boxes
Give each room in your new home a color. Use colored stickers to identify each box so the movers can put them directly into the proper room. Then put colored stickers on each door and above the door so movers can easily identify where “Susan’s” room is located.
In a separate area of your home, put all the boxes that you will need to open on moving day. This can include kitchen items, things the kids will want immediately and be sure that these boxes are the last ones loaded onto the moving truck. That way they’ll be the first ones off the truck. Make sure they are clearly identifiable.
Plan Ahead for Children and Pets
If possible, hire a babysitter at your new home and your old home who can mind the pets and the children on moving day. That gets them out of the way so things can move more smoothly. As movers in San Diego, we’ve often had moving day delayed, because the family pet got out of the house and the homeowners spent hours looking for them. Don’t let this happen to you!

Control the Garbage
Garbage is often a problem on moving day. There’s often a lot of bags and nowhere to put them. Before moving day, ask your neighbors if they mind you using their garbage containers for any excess garbage. Make sure than any personal papers that identify you, or where you’re moving to have been removed. Unfortunately there are people who will watch for movers and look for personal information.

Key Takeaways:
• Take your camera and take pictures of all empty rooms in the house and be sure to take a picture of any utility meter readings.
• Make sure to do one last viewing of all cupboards and drawers, the backyard and the garage to ensure nothing gets left behind.
• Turn off all electrical items. Lights, air-conditioning and furnace. Make sure that all windows and doors have been secured.
• Hand the keys to the new owners, the landlord or leave them with a neighbor for pickup.