Movers Moving Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Moving / Relocating Prices Charged?

Moving Companies will give a quote based on what you tell them you have or if they go out to your place for a physical walk through estimate. Usually local movers charge by the hour. Long distance moving is charged by distance and how much the shipment weighs.

What is a full service moving company?

Full-service local moving is a great choice if you can afford it. This is when you hire a local mover in your area to not only do all the moving, but also to pack all of the boxes. For larger local moves, the moving company will often pack all of the boxes one day, then return and do the moving the next day.

Can someone have their things moved to a storage unit?

Most moving companies will relocate your belongings to a storage unit. Storage units do count as physical locations. Some moving companies also offer storage services. If you are willing to pay extra for a moving company storage they will store your goods wrapped in pads and protected where as self-service storage you have to wrap and provide your own protection.
Just ask the moving company you are using all your questions and Im sure they will be happy to provide information.

Does someone have to physically be present to have their things relocated?

When moving you will most in most cases have to be present for the beginning of the move at the final location for the shipment of the move. It would not be fair for the mover to have to move items that are pre-arranged to be moved. Signatures will have to be signed giving authority to transport the goods. Otherwise, it is possible for a moving company to be set up by a consumer if no documents are signed and can be blamed for stealing goods. And in addition someone has to be available for the shipment of the goods. The moving company will not release goods until they have secured payment.

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