How Many Times Does the Average Person Move?

How Many Times Does the Average Person Move?

How many times have you moved in your lifetime? If you include moving around at college, the number is probably even higher.The average U.S. resident will move a total of 16 times over their lifetime, about once every 5 years! Now that is a lot of moving! If everyone recycled their moving boxes, then this wouldn’t be an issue. The problem is that everytime a person moves they need moving boxes, and often these moving boxes are thrown away versus recycled.

The average number of moving boxes used is 50. That means on average, each person uses around 800 moving boxes over the course of their life. (Some higher and some lower depending on the size of their home)

If everyone recycled moving boxes after they moved, our landfills would be much cleaner and our planet a lot healthier. There is nothing wrong with using moving boxes when you are moving. In the past 100 years, people have tried to come up with better solutions and nothing has been as practical or useful in protecting valuables and moving efficiently as cardboard boxes.

If we all re-use and recycle our moving boxes, then we will help our planet healthy as we continue to move from city to city exloring the world.

Contact your local movers on how to recycle your boxes in your local movers after you move.