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La Jolla Movers

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Our company deals with moving services for years. Nowadays we are offering the full range of services including:

Residential Moving

Once you decide to move to another house within your city or state we are always there to provide you with the necessary help. First of all, we consider the distance you need to cover as there are different demands to packing issues and those depend on the time the transportation will take. We’ve got different types of trucks and offer you the model most suitable for your task. For example, if there is no much you need to relocate, there is no need to use a big truck, so we offer you more efficient transport.

Office Relocation

We offer the same service for corporate moving. However, we provide more packing for your furniture and consider office appliances transportation peculiarities. Consider our financial guarantees. It is vital for office furniture to be scratch and damage free, so we will compensate you the full cost of an item in case of damage dealt.

Storage Services

Our storage services include packing, transportation and storing. We calculate the fee due to the space being occupied by your property and we multiply it to the term your stuff being stored.