Furniture assembly often depends on the interior. Whether we invite the designer or we create the atmosphere of our house, assembly of furniture one of the most important components of a coziness. We offer assembly of furniture in our company furniture assemblers have huge experience – from a modest hall to the big office consisting of hundreds of workplaces from the budget producers to elite Italian and American furniture.

We will equally well execute the following work types:

assembly and dismantling of furniture when moving;
assembly of cabinet and upholstered furniture;
assembly of cases and sliding wardrobes;
assembly of modular furniture;
assembly of furniture sets;
assembly of dressers, curbstones, beds, halls;
assembly of kitchen furniture (connection of the equipment);
assembly of office furniture;
assembly of computer furniture;
assembly of the built-in furniture;
assembly of elite and non-standard furniture.
Speaking about a coziness in the house or office, we most often mean furniture. It is possible to create that coziness and comfort which are necessary for stay pleasant here. Besides, furniture shall be not just stylish, beautiful and fashionable, but also convenient and placed right. Only high-quality, professional assembly of furniture is capable to extend the term of its service for many years.

Features of furniture  assembly
Often during the moving or purchase of new furniture we should face its assembly dismantling. After services of loaders are executed, there comes the following stage. It concerns both soft, and cabinet furniture — cases, walls, show-windows, sideboards, dressers and lockers. If earlier to save, owners of new furniture were engaged in its assembly independently, then with today’s variety of the services market, the rare person won’t use service which is offered by professional furniture assemblers. Any modern person will confirm that high-quality assembly of furniture, is more important than saving couple $$. First, everyone shall go about their own business. Isn’t it? And secondly, while there is an assembly of cases, for example, for the house or office, it is possible to go about the own business quietly. Thus, two useful cases at the same time will be made — furniture will be collected and the dinner is ready.

Professional assembly of kitchen
Kitchen assembly — the main place in the house where all family usually gathers. The kitchen is  the family “center”.  Of course, the tea ceremony can take place and in a drawing room — is so more esthetic about what I witness rules of etiquette. On that it and a drawing room — to welcome in your guests. But, you see, to have tea with home-made pastries in kitchen is much more pleasant, cozier. Here and a conversation more sincere, also you feels even if you on a visit, somehow it is home-style quiet.