5 Moving Tips for Fragile Items

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the country to California or a few miles away in San Diego, packing and moving valuable items must be done with care.

We hope the tips below will help you during your next move.
Packing Materials for a San Diego Move
Newsprint is always an inexpensive item to use when packing items such as:
The best way to use the newspaper is to make small bunched up balls of paper, and place them in the bottom of the box. This will give your items a nice air-cushion when being jostled around. Even if you plan to use bubble wrap for your items, it still helps to have these at the bottom of the box.
If you’re packing dishes and glasses you should place them in a vertical position in the box and not laying down. There’s less chance of breakage when they’re in a vertical position.

Choose Your Box Sizes Carefully
Whether you’re moving in San Diego or across the country, a San Diego mover will tell you that box sizes should be the correct size for different items. When you’re packing heavy small items, such as canned goods or books, they should be placed in boxes that are small in size. It’s important to keep the number of oversized boxes to a minimum, and important not to pack a lot of heavy items in these boxes. Medium boxes should be used if possible as they’re easier to pack and move. When time is money, this will help keep costs down.

How to Pack Pictures and Their Frames
At RHINO Moving and Storage in San Diego, we’re often asked how to pack pictures and their frames. With these, it’s important to use blank paper and not any paper with print on it. Ink from newspapers can actually damage your pictures.
Bubble wrap and cardboard are excellent for wrapping these items, but many people will wrap them in blankets for protection. If you’re moving in San Diego, you might consider taping them with masking tape, to ensure the wrapping you’re using stays in place. Last, but not least; ensure that the box your going to use has large letters on the outside marking it as fragile.
Moving Your Electronics to San Diego
Whether you’re moving in San Diego or to another state, electronic items need special care. If you’re the type that saves the box the electronics came in, then you’ll have no problems, as all the packing material are still in the box. Your instruction manual, which came with your electronic items, may also have special instructions for when you’re moving an item. If you no longer have the instruction manual, you will be able to find it online at the manufacturer’s website.
When there are replaceable parts, such as ink cartridges in a printer, make sure you remove and wrap these items individually. If you can find a box that is similar in size to the item your packing, try and use that with paper balls surrounding the item. This will pack the electronic items fairly tight for moving day.

Electronic Wiring
Nothing is more frustrating than bundling up all the electronic wires that attach to your electronics. Being organized in how you proceed with wiring will save you a lot of frustration when you’re unpacking and putting items together again. Twist ties are great for identifying items and color coded ones make things much easier. If you don’t have twist ties, then color coded labels will also work well. Some wiring can be easily packed with the actual items, but other cables may need this special touch. Make sure they are not packed with anything that lets moisture into the box, which could corrode your wiring.