5 Frequently Asked Question When Moving Hiring Movers

1. How would someone be sure that the moving company they hire is reputable?

Having a computer with an internet connection means its quite easy to determine whether a mover is good or bad. Better Business Bureau has a website, so check it before proceeding with a moving company. Using a company with a low rating means your mover could be trouble. Sometimes if movers can’t be found on the Better Business Bureaus website, it could mean that the mover is new or that they are so bad they request their listing to be removed, so be careful. Ask around and you may find someone who can give you info on a mover. Don’t always rely on reviews on the internet, because they can be fake. Movers sometimes will write fake reviews for the purpose of giving them a better rating in Yahoo or Google. Google favors companies with lots of reviews. A moving company with many bad reviews could be written by people that actually had a bad experience with them, so be careful. Check to make sure the mover has the correct licenses, this is very important. Go to the FMSCA website and enter their Dot number. Most states require movers to be licensed and insured.

2. Do the movers require the customer to sign a contract?

A freight bill or agreement for services is usually the main documents used by movers. Basically they are used to detail rates and customer information, such as where you are moving to and from. And the contract will describe any extra charges that your move may require, such as long carries or stairs. Read the fine print on the contract, and make sure they dont throw in some kind of extra charge.

3. How do professional moving services protect fragile items?

Professional movers have trucks that are equipped with thick quilted furniture pads, along with the proper dollies, straps, ramps and other equipment. In addition, they offer packing cartons, packing paper, plastic stretch wrap, packing tape, and other materials that aid in protecting fragile items such as china, stemware, pictures, glass, mirrors, etc. For long distance or state to state moving many moving trucks come with air ride suspension.

4. Will a real estate agency provide a moving service for their clients?

Real Estate agents do not provide movers for their customers, but because they are in the business of relocating people, often times they can refer their clients to a reputable moving company. If they have been in business for a long time, they can probably send a good qualified mover your way. As long as the moving company has been around a while Im sure your Real Estate brokers or agent can either give you a thumbs up or down.

5. What would happen if the house you’re moving into is not ready?

Normally if your home is not ready for the movers then your goods will be put into temporary storage. For local moving, you can either get your own self-storage, or the movers can usually store your goods for you. For long distance moving, you can also get your own self storage unit, or the movers can put it into their temporary storage and a special storage in transit rate will apply. This will include a labor charge to off load the goods, another warehouse labor charge to put the goods into storage, an actual storage charge which is based upon how long your need to leave your goods in storage, then a delivery charge for when you need your goods delivered.

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