3 Tips for an Easy Holiday Season Move


No one really looks forward to the chaos that can come with a move. Between packing, keeping on schedule, and the big day itself, it’s a lot of hard work. Moving during the holidays adds even more stress, even if you have great San Diego movers helping you out.

You can still have a pleasant move and nice holidays by following these three tips.

  1. Create a Schedule

Generally, you always want to start early when moving, but the holidays are a special exception. If you have the time to take off from work, or your work gives you holiday vacation days, you could schedule the labor-intensive part of your move during that time. This will give you time to enjoy holiday parties and baking earlier in the month.

Regardless of when you start, packing and organizing can be done a little differently. Keep stuff you’ll need immediately for the holidays labeled so you know what to unpack first.

Remember that your cable and other service providers may have limited hours during the holidays. Talk to a San Diego moving company early to ensure you can get a truck. You don’t want to procrastinate on making sure you have the services you need when you need them.

  1. Invest in Easy Decorations

You want it to look like the holidays even if you’re busy moving. You might not be able to go all out like you usually do, so get some decorations that are easy to assemble and transport. For example, if you typically have a real tree, opt for a fake one that you can take in and out of the box.

If possible, have someone head to your new home early and get decorations set up. You can hang back with the San Diego movers and load up the rest of your belongings.

  1. Keep Everything Festive

Even if you’re disappointed at the timing, don’t let it take the holiday spirit out of you. You and the San Diego movers you hire will certainly enjoy some holiday music, cookies, and cocoa during moving day.

If you don’t think you’ll have time to create a holiday feast, look around for inns or restaurants holding festive holiday dinners. The ambiance can lift your spirits and you may even feel a little spoiled.

Remember that you’re getting a great new gift for the holidays – a new home!

Key Takeaway

Take additional time off near the holidays to relieve stressLabel your boxes so you know what you’ll need immediately and what can waitInvest in decorations that are easy to take down and reassembleCreate a festive atmosphere during moving day