10 Tips on How to Sell Your Home in San Diego

10 Helpful Tips for Selling Your Home

1. Choose Your Agent Wisely!
With so many people reviewing online homes for sale in San Diego, it’s important that your real estate agent has a marketing plan that’s online and superior to others. Pictures need to be compelling and how they detail your home’s advantages can make a big difference in how many people will consider viewing your home.

2. Record Your Walk Through

If you have a video camera, do a complete walk through of your home and your neighborhood. Post it on YouTube and make sure your real estate agent advertises it to prospective buyers. Take the camera out into your neighborhood, and talk about the numerous advantages of where you live.

3. Utilize Your Neighbors

Have a block party and invite all your neighbors. They can help to sell your home to their friends or family who may be interested in buying. They can help you in the selling processby viewing the inside of your home and telling everyone about it.

4. Use Social Media

Post your home details and video on Facebook and ask all your Facebook friends to share it with their friends. Social media can play a large role in house hunting these days, as well as house selling. Don’t underestimate the power of social media.

5. Get a Home Inspection

In today’s market in San Diego, you’re likely competing with a lot of foreclosures. You’re likely going to do some general repairs on your home, so having a list of them ready for prospective buyers helps to sell the home. You may want to consider have a home inspection done for a potential buyer. That gives them the confidence they need to take the next step, as well as saving them a few dollars. It also helps them to get a mortgage faster and close on your home sooner. A home inspection can point out any areas you may need to fix, in order to have the deal go through quickly. As a mover in San Diegowe get to see all the surprises that homebuyers find on the day they move in, so it’s important that buyers have confidence in purchasing your home.

6. Furnished vs. Unfurnished

If you’re planning to replace some of your furniture when you move, you may want to consider offering to leave some items behindfor the new buyer. This works especially well with first time buyers, who are entering the market on a tight budget. It may be the one thing that swings your home to the top of their list.

7. Staging Your Home

We all know about home staging, but staging the outside of a home is actually far more important than the inside. Great landscaping, fresh paint and a clean driveway with no cars in it, can make your home more attractive to those who are looking at pictures and driving by. If you’ve got a great backyard, consider setting up a faux brunch so buyers can imagine outdoor parties with their friends.

8. Know Your Competition

As a Movers San Diego we get to see a lot of homes that people are moving into. We see what your competition has done to make their home more attractive. Start to visit other homes in your area that are for sale, and pick up some of the tips they’re using to make their home attractive to buyers.

9. Remove all Personal Items From Your Home

All the things that make your home a home do not really interest someone looking to buy. They want to imagine the home as their own. Remove religious items, family pictures and memorabilia in your kitchen. De-mark your territory so they can think of themselves in your space.

10. Remove all Clutter

Pack up things that are not needed to show your home, and remove things you don’t use on a daily basis. This gives the impression of more space which makes your home look larger. At RHINO Moving and Storage we’re happy to provide all the boxes you’ll need, and can store itemsuntil you’ve sold your home and are ready to move.