Safe storage advantages
  • Our safe storage warehouses meet all established requirements. The necessary conditions are created for each type of stored goods, which eliminate the risk of the goods being damaged.

  • We use reliable modern equipment for loading and unloading. Using this equipment allows us supplying warehouse services in quick and efficient way.

  • Regular inventory check gives an opportunity to promptly determine the place where the needed goods are stored.

  • The safe storage warehouse is under twenty-four hour surveillance.

  • The information about stored belongings is strictly confidential.

  • The company is liable for the goods safety.

  • You pay only for the total area occupied by your belongings.

Rhino Moving San Diego offers warehouse services: safe storage of furniture and personal belongings in the warehouse

The difference of the service supplied by our San Diego Moving company is that we offer a full range of warehouse services (from packing, placing and storing in the warehouse up to delivery of belongings, unpacking and placing them in a new location). The main thing is the opportunity to store personal belongings and furniture in any volume and for any term.

We work with companies, commercial organizations, and individuals.

If you are an individual then you may need storage services if you are planning renovation, leaving abroad, or renting out the house. Warehouse storage is convenient if you have already bought new furniture, but have not decided yet what to do with the old one.

Our company works with any volume of belongings (starting from 1 box or item). The belongings may be of any kind: fragile items such as antique, equipment, personal belongings, kitchenware, devices, clothes, footwear, etc.

Our warehouse premises are located in the area under twenty-four hour surveillance and they are equipped for storing furniture and personal belongings. Temperature conditions in the premises meet the standards for storing such kind of goods.

To calculate the price for storing your furniture and personal belongings we provide appraisal service free of charge. At any time convenient for you our manager will visit you and appraise the condition of your property. After that we can offer you the packing technology designed for your furniture taking into account storage conditions.

We work under an agreement, which provides for not only price for warehouse service and conditions for storing furniture, but also the full financial liability for your property during storage and delivery.

When it’s time to make a local move, trust your Rhino Moving LLC, a local San Diego moving company, for the services you want.

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